May 19, 2011

I hereby present to you - The New Cabinet!

PM Lee presented his new cabinet lineup yesterday. Some highlights:
  1. Teo Chee Hean replaces Wong Kan Seng as Minister for National Security, perhaps a taller guy can better look for escaped fugitives?
  2. Lim Swee Say remains in the Prime Minister’s Office, happily counting the zeroes in his CPF account
  3. "Yakult" Ibrahim is now Minister for Information, Communication and the Arts because he has the most "culture" (by @TheRealLeticia)
  4. Can't afford a flat? Now Khaw Boon Wan will tell you to buy one in JB! For only $8!
  5. Vivian Balakrishnan showed how much he loves gutter politics, so PM Lee granted him his wish and sent him to manage the longkangs
  6. Gan Kim Yong, architect of Singapore's hugely successful foreign talent policy, will be tasked with doing the same for our health sector.
  7. Singaporeans now have a new swear word when stuck in overcrowded buses or the MRT: Tuck Yew!
  8. The Gen Y can now look forward to more hand raising activities (how about a Kee Chiu workout?) and rousing speeches on small island republics, now that Chan Chun Sing is Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports

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