May 17, 2011

Chen Show Mao on cover of Asia Weekly

"Singapore's political breakthrough"
"The opposition's elections Great Leap Forward"

The Worker's Party, Low Thia Kiang and Chen Show Mao were featured prominently in the article, the focus being the political tsunami that was the fall of Aljunied GRC to the WP and subsequent retirement of George Yeo. Praise given to LTK for his "mission impossible" gamble to leave Hougang to contest Aljunied.

Also mentioned were Nicole Seah and Tin Pei Ling, and their respective receptions by the younger voters, as well as the effect of social media on the election results of GE 2011. The Worker's Party victory at Aljunied was hailed as cementing the foundation of a two-party parliament in Singapore.


Ponder Stibbons said...

It's interesting that it's Chen and not Low on the front page, given that Low is the one who engineered it all. Everyone seems to be mesmerised by Chen's paper qualifications.

ahmad said...

@Ponder: Considering that Asia Weekly is a pro-China publication, with Chen being based in Beijing and having engineered the IPO of one of China's largest banks, I think they would quite naturally consider Chen to be "one of them".

Anonymous said...

It is not just paper - impressive academic and commercial CV - articulate soft spoken and appears very humble -close to an ideal "Singaporean"

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic...there is a Chinese saying " if the old does not go away, the new will not come". We don't need old Lee to be on the front cover all the time, now we have young and talented individuals to represent Singapore. This is truly encourageable.

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