May 3, 2011

Dear Politically Apathetic Voter

Dear Politically Apathetic Voter,

In case you haven't noticed, the Singapore General Elections will be held on May 7, and chances are you will have the chance to vote this time around because 82 out of 87 parliamentary seats are being contested by the opposition.

If you couldn't care less about the election, and don't wish to bother yourself with the headache of choosing which candidate(s) to vote for, please do all other Singaporeans a favour and don't vote on election day.

It is NOT a crime if you don't vote. Don't believe me, go check out Section 43 of the Parliamentary Elections Act. It doesn't say anywhere that you will be punished for not voting.

Your name will only be struck off the register of electors.

What's the register of electors, you ask? It's simply a list of Singaporean citizens that are eligible to vote in the current election. People who did not vote in the previous election for any reason will have their names struck off and won't be able to vote in future elections.

I know it's ok because I did not vote in the 2006 elections as I was overseas at that time. I didn't get fined or caned or put behind bars. It only meant that I can't vote in the 2011 GE. That's all.

So since you don't really care about elections, it's simple really. Just stop voting and you won't be bothered by the Elections Department ever again.

Just don't vote on May 7. Go watch a movie, or go and chiong the night away or something.

The rest of Singaporeans who give a shit, thank you.