Apr 26, 2011

Vivian Balakrishnan : How low can you go?

The Limbo must be the dance of choice among the PAP recently, as each candidate tries to outdo each other's attempts to attack the opposition candidates personally, instead of focusing on the real issues at hand. How low can you go?

Ignoring SM Goh's call to "have a clean fight", Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Vivian Balakrishnan stooped to unprecedented lows by making a personal attack on WP candidate Vincent Wijeysingha's sexual orientation, and even venomously hinting that he was a paedophile for extra measure.

This opened a very large can of worms with the Internet community and the response from netizens was fast and very furious. Scathing criticisms from blogs and Twitter feeds notwithstanding, Vivian Balakrishnan's own Facebook page saw a wave of criticism and disappointment that such a low punch had been pulled by an MP like VB, who enjoyed a decent image among Singaporeans until the incident.

The response from netizens was so unprecedented, that VB and his "internet caretakers" must have been taken aback, and within minutes all negative comments were deleted and errant posters (like yours truly) were banned from commenting. A little while later, they probably decided to save the effort and disabled Wall posting from fans all together (although the last time I checked you can still leave comments).

Fortunately, I've managed to do several screen captures of one particularly interesting post, with an ardent supporter "John Tan" vehemently defending his MP, albeit with quite controversial views. Happy reading!


Anonymous said...

"John Tan" picture is probably some Taiwanese pop star. As a netizen recently pointed out, it seems like there are several fb accounts created by fictitious persons using photos of Taiwanese celebrities and using these accounts to troll the internet to 'support' and 'like' PAP candidates on the internet and flame opinions of other Singaporeans who disagree with the PAP. Probable some sad git sitting behind a computer all day with these hundreds of false accounts fighting a lone battle against the tide of public opinion.

Anonymous said...
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