May 26, 2005

World Trade Center

From the New York City Map, very inspirational. Even more so that the twin towers are no more:
One of the highest buildings in the world, the World Trade Center, has strange long grooves on its face...

"Those are the railroad tracks that will take you up to Heaven," an elderly homeless man eagerly explained to me while standing on the corner there.

"All the way up to the Heaven?" I wondered. "And what about gravity? It still works, doesn't it?"

"You gotta have remarkable personal ambition to overcome gravity," smiled the old man. "Everyone in this town has the ambition to go all the way up. When I was still a young fella I tried it myself, but I wasn't strong enough. I only got the first quarter of the way up, then I fell down. That's why I have a limp today. Since that time I've just been standing down here and looking up."

I looked up, too. Alas! There, at the invisible horizon, those grooves seem to converge...

"One more thing, young lady," said the old man. "If you wanna go up, you can use the elevator."

Truly, the wisdom and experience of old age is very hard to beat.

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aGent X said...

i dunno if i could get anything from reading between the lines or was it simply hilarious. so much of taking practical criticism for 'a' level literature :D and getting damn lousy grade.