May 10, 2005

Le fabuleux destin d'Amy Lin

What a difference a baby makes.

I've never paid much attention to the saying that "having a baby in a family livens up things", until she popped up in our lives a fortnight ago, all 2700-plus grams of tiny her. Great things come in little packages, and she was one mini parcel of joy that brought smiles to everyone that laid eyes on her angelic little face.

One little cry, and the whole family would scramble to her in emergency mode, only to crowd around her to watch her slumber peacefully with 101 different expressions as she played about in dreamland.

May I present my niece, Amy Lin Yi-Chieh.


aGent X said...


She is so adorable, and I bet you are addicted to her now :D

Ah 9 said... cute.