May 25, 2005

*! Singapore

RamblingLibrarian reports on the launch of READ! Singapore, another in a long list of campaigns by dear gahmen to (what else?) encourage heartlanders to read more.

Now is it me, or do I sense a pattern here? When the gahmen decides on a name for a new campaign, they have recently been quite fond of the "*! Singapore" naming formula, where * denotes a verb or phrase to describe the aim of said campaign (prefably in ALL CAPS FOR EMPHASIS AND IMPACT)

Past examples include:
  • SING! Singapore
  • SWING! Singapore
  • READ! Singapore
Suggested names for other campaigns could be:
  • To encourage Singaporeans to speak up and voice their views to provide feedback for the government to formulate poilicies - SHUT UP! Singapore
  • Be more patroitic and loyal to the country - SHUT UP! Singapore
  • Be a "stayer", not a "quitter" - SHUT UP! Singapore
  • Be more creative - SHUT UP! Singapore
Ah...silence is golden.


Ivan Chew said...

Hi Ahmad, mmm... not too fair to associate reading with anti-social campaigns leh. But thanks for helping spread the word, I think. Heh heh.

Actually, the planning committee (of which I was in a sub-team) did raise the issue of the name being too "campaign-like". But well, the steering committee went ahead anyway. Guess we can't please everyone.

Maybe Singaporeans in Taiwan could participate? That would be something to blog about. :)

Ah Tiong said...

hmmm..SHUT UP! Singapore good one dude

ahmad said...

ivan: No offense meant, promoting reading is a noble idea no matter the slogan. I don't know any other Singaporeans in Taiwan, believe or not... :P

ah tiong: your feedback only counts if they really listen, not just hear.

Ivan Chew said...

None taken, Ahmad. I don't blame anyone if they call it a campaign. Singaporeans suffer from "campaign-fatigue", maybe. But as you say, campaign or not, reading is a good thing. I hope people will participate actively.

Anonymous said...

Haha. Glad to enjoy a laugh. :)
I don't need no gahmen cam"peng"* to inculcate my love for books & reading hehe.
What they can do is go teach the library users to observe gracious library behaviour & respectful etiquette!

* Peng = To fall over/ collapse in Hokkien/ Taiwanese MiLan dialect)