Mar 31, 2005


Tomorrow I will be going back for the first time in more than 2 years. Home.

While packing my luggage with short-sleeved shirts and shorts, the difference between the place I grew up in for over twenty years of my life and the place I now live and work in begins to hit home. Similar in so many ways, but different in as many aspects.

The decision to leave home for this place was a personal one, and in retrospect a hurried one. But thankfully that decision has shown itself to be the correct one, at least from my point of view, although some issues have yet to be ironed out. Don't even want to waste my breath on that, time is a better medium in those respects.

Friends with wives/husbands/children, the NE line, new PM, 5% GST, new SMU building on the old National Library site.

Changes. Ever-widening differences. Trying hard to stay in touch, but in the end, one can only hold on to the past as the cold, unfeeling bureaucracy bulldozes it's way through my memories in the name of progress.

Don't call me a quitter just for the fun of it. Think about why I'm not coming back.


KnightofPentacles said...

Why are you not coming back?

Inquiring minds would like to know..

TriplePeriod said...

Haha... you hit on Knight's favourite(niche) topic.

ahmad said...

More on that after I'm back in S'pore.

aGent X said...

Welcome 'back', sometimes you are better off away because the things that you are used to are no longer around when you return 'home'....

Seth said...

Welcome to Singapore! Do you need a guide around? =D

starfish said...

A fellow Singaporean in Hsin-chu; fancy that. Perhaps we've even met before; there the occasional spattering of Singlish at the ra-men resturant I frequent.

Being here for 5 years.

Anyway, have you tried the resturant "Chicco" (spell?); somewhere near NTHU. They serve Singaporean and Malaysian dishes; for those times when you miss home :^)

The laksa is ok. As for the chicken rice... just order the rice, and skip the meat.

ahmad said...

starfish: Hey, I've also been here around 4+ years too. Thanks for the makan recommendation, will go hunt for it...*slurp* ;P