Jun 7, 2017

Vires in Numeris

After reading about the potential hacking dangers of storing cryptocurrency in exchanges, I bought a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet online. On opening the quite Apple-minimalist-like box, I found a nicely crafted USB key with the phrase "vires in numeris" etched at the back.

On Googling its meaning ("Strength in Numbers"), I came across an old Wired article from December 2013 called "What the arrival of Bitcoin means for society, politics and you". It was only two months since the busting of Silk Road, Bitcoin was fluctuating wildly between $500-$1000, and everyone was pondering about the future of Bitcoin and viability of cryptocurrency in general.

Fast forward to today, Bitcoin is over $2,800 looking toward $3,000 and Ethereum is quickly gaining around at around $260 (with me kicking myself in the backside everyday for selling out my 100 ETH when prices were are $7-$8).

What is the future for cryptocurrency? It's still early days yet, and the ICO market is bubbly as the year 2000 all over again. But for sure, I'm a HODLing for dear life.

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