Aug 15, 2005

I'm not into poetry, but...

I chanced upon Gilbert Koh's blog today and was deeply moved by his poetry. Though I'm not much of a poetry person myself, his words are simple enough for laymen like me to understand, yet deep enough to resonate long after they are read. Highly recommended.

Among the pieces is one called "Photography". As an amateur photographer, I've yet to come across a better description of a captured moment that is the photograph.


Smile, I commanded
you obeyed
and I caught forever that
when something on your face
disguised itself
so well
as happiness.
Quiet fears and other
troubles have marred
this day
yet the years will pass
and in time this image
will be enough
to make us
that in this instant
we had been so much
happier than
we really were.
How kind and skilful,
the way time
deceives memory,
erases pain,
fills us with warm
nostalgia for
things that never

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