Apr 13, 2005

Speak Better Singlish

After listening to mr. brown's podcast with mr. miyagi and other commentaries on Singlish by the Calm One, I thought it would be why not start my own series of tips on how to speak better Singlish (the real National language, regardless of what Gahmen say).

Cannot meh? I also pure-bred Singaporean what.

We've already got The Coxford Singlish Dictionary, but nothing useful on correct usage to sound like local. No wonder the ang-mohs have no idea when to end a sentence with "lah" or "meh".

But then again, a text-only tutorial is quite boring right? What better way than some real examples to help our Caucasian friends get that local pronounciation "just right", and what better source of native Singlish conversation than mr. brown's podcasts? Examples will be extracted from said podcast with the timing included for you industrious guys out there to practice again and again.

So without further ado, let's "Tua Gey Or Singlish" (Let's Learn Singlish)...

Eh..Why U so like Dat?

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